June 28, 2022

ACME TLS for localhost with traefik and smallstep

If you’re using docker for your local development environment and need to develop against TLS-secured endpoints (which you should as you need to run it in production anyway), you just can leverage traefik with smallstep. In this example, we just use docker as configuration provider by setting labels to container exposed via traefik. The important things are commented inline. --- version: '3.8' services: step-ca: image: smallstep/step-ca:0.24.2 volumes: - step-ca:/home/step # shared volume between step-ca and traefik to access root ca environment: DOCKER_STEPCA_INIT_NAME: "Step CA" DOCKER_STEPCA_INIT_DNS_NAMES: "localhost,step-ca" # must at least include name of step-ca service which is referenced as acme. Read more

September 22, 2020

ngrok alternative: localtunnel + Caddy + Lets Encrypt

Sometimes you want to show localhost to the world or need real world access for testing or callback urls. Usually you’re using ngrok. Thats okay, i’ll do too. But also sometimes, you are a paranoid bastard and there’s no way you’re routing your data through alien infrastructure. This is where localtunnel kicks in. For wildcard subdomains, you’ll also need a wildcard subdomain dns entry and a loadbalancer/reverse proxy. This could be done using e. Read more

July 4, 2020

Git log/history in JSON or YAML format

You can use git pretty formats for creating YAML log (YAML instead of JSON, no messing around with trailing comma). Example: echo "commits:" git \ --no-pager log \ --since "7 days ago" \ --pretty=format:" - id: %h%n signer_key: '%GK'%n timestamp: '%at'%n subject: '%f'%n body: |%n %(trailers:separator=\n )" This shows all git commits from last 7 days with their signer key, timestamp, (sanitized) subject and the body as YAML. Read more

May 19, 2020

Setup nextcloud-spreed-signaling standalone server on Ubuntu

Thanks to struktur AG, which released the open source version of the standalone signaling server for Nextcloud Talk, you can now run your own version of the Talk High Performance Backend. Awesome work and good move! I’ve grabbed the sources immediately and built a HPB on one of my tiny VPS (VPS 200 G8 hosted by netcup). Notice: Your setup might differ a lot (or won’t apply at all as your’re using different OS, Webserver, …). Read more

September 20, 2019

Swift 3 with Ryzen 3500u, WD SSD and linux installation troubles

UPDATE 2019-12-29: Re-installed the notebook (needed dual-boot w/ Windows for Bios Update) and everything was working this time without any specific paramater using the same installer ISO (Ubunto 18.04.3) Unfortunately, i’ve spilled something on my notebook (Skylake HP Envy 13) which lead to an unusable keyboard grmlfpl I was quite curious about the new generation of mobile Ryzen processors (very happy with my 1.st gen desktop Ryzen), so the replacement is a Acer Swift 3 14 with an AMD Ryzen 3500u (SF314-41-R8HZ), which caused some headache in the beginning as i was not able to boot any linux installer. Read more