October 17, 2016

Check_MK / Debian Jessie with php7

If you want to run Check_MK with PHP7.0 (Dotdeb) on Debian Jessie, you need to update the package dependencies.

Make sure you run these commands as root, or file permissions will be wrong after repacking.

wget https://mathias-kettner.de/support/1.2.8p12/check-mk-raw-1.2.8p12_0.jessie_amd64.deb
mkdir check-mk-raw-1.2.8p12_0_php7.0.jessie_amd64
dpkg-deb -R check-mk-raw-1.2.8p12_0.jessie_amd64.deb check-mk-raw-1.2.8p12_0_php7.0.jessie_amd64
cd check-mk-raw-1.2.8p12_0_php7.0.jessie_amd64
sed -i 's,php5,php7.0,g' DEBIAN/control
sed -i 's,php7.0-sqlite,php7.0-sqlite3,g' DEBIAN/control
for file in $(grep -sRli php5-cgi opt/omd/versions/1.2.8p12.cre/skel)
  sed -i 's,/usr/bin/php5-cgi,/usr/lib/cgi-bin/php7.0,g' $file  
dpkg-deb -b check-mk-raw-1.2.8p12_0_php7.0.jessie_amd64 check-mk-raw-1.2.8p12_0_php7.0.jessie_amd64.deb

Also you need to adjust existing site configs to use the new php binaries:

cd /omd/sites/$SITE_NAME
for file in $(grep -sRli php5-cgi etc)
  sed -i 's,/usr/bin/php5-cgi,/usr/lib/cgi-bin/php7.0,g' $file