May 19, 2020

Setup nextcloud-spreed-signaling standalone server on Ubuntu

Thanks to struktur AG, which released the open source version of the standalone signaling server for Nextcloud Talk, you can now run your own version of the Talk High Performance Backend. Awesome work and good move! I’ve grabbed the sources immediately and built a HPB on one of my tiny VPS (VPS 200 G8 hosted by netcup). Notice: Your setup might differ a lot (or won’t apply at all as your’re using different OS, Webserver, …). Read more

July 27, 2018

Setup cron or systemd timers for Nextcloud preview generator app

If you’re using the fantastic Nextcloud and like to feel comfortable browsing all your auto-uploaded photos like once upon a time you did in some proprietary Picasa or so, you can benefit from Preview Generator, which will take care of pre-rendering the thumbnails. As it states you must add some cron magic to get it working and the Nextcloud folks asked for a tutorial, here’s how to do it with cron or (my preference) with systemd timers. Read more

February 9, 2018

Running Collabora Online Development Edition without Docker

Besides my usual intention to run everything with Docker, this time i wanted to run Collabora Online Development Edition (CODE) without Docker (on a VPS which is unable to run Docker). The link above provides instructions on how to setup repositories and packages for your distribution. To be able to start the service, you’ll just need to create some self-signed certificates (and run the setup behind nginx or Apache reverse proxy). Read more

September 21, 2016

Nextcloud install via packages on Debian Jessie

Similiar to the “old” owncloud-files package, which allows to have an up to date version of it while still beiing able to maintain your custom setup around it (webserver stack, database server, …), i’ve created a package for Nextcloud. It get’s uploaded to my repo, so can throw this in a mix with MariaDB and Dotdeb PHP7.0 repos to easily create your Nextcloud instance.