Signal Web Gateway

As i'm unable to get it working with latest upstream changes in golang/signal, this project is deprecated. New project based on signal-cli (Java) can be found here.

This application has not been audited. It should not be regarded as secure, use at your own risk. This is a third-party effort, and is NOT a part of the official Signal project or any other project of Open Whisper Systems.

This project is based upon janimo's Signal client to allow other apps (reporting, monitoring, …) sending private and encrypted Signal messages instead of e-mail or other proprietary and non-free protocols. Thanks to nanu-c for picking up the good work and fixing Signal protocol changes.

Security notice: You should run the gateway behind a reverse proxy like nginx to add tls/basic auth/acls or run this inside Docker swarm/Kubernetes with a dynamic ingress proxy like Traefik and basic auth.