Prepare config and storage

  • create docker volumes for the app:
docker volume create signal-web-gateway_config
docker volume create signal-web-gateway_storage
  • if you do not already have a config file, just create one like this:

Registration could be done via SMS or Voice (e.g. for SIP numbers). Do not use your current mobile phone number or it's account will be invalidated! Modify the config to suit your needs (e.g. add your phone number and select voice or sms as authentication method):

#Put your phone number that will get verified by the server here
tel: "+1771111001"

#Server URL

#Server's TLS root certificate path when using a non-default server
#rootCA: path/to/rootCA.pem

#proxy URL if you use one
#proxy: http://host:8080

#Registration code verification can be done via sms or voice
#Additionally the 'dev' type is supported for a non-official server fork.
verificationType: sms

#Where to store sessions' metadata, by default ".storage"
#storageDir: path/to/storage

#Setting this to false turns off encryption of local storage, for developing.
#unencryptedStorage: true

#The local storage uses password base encryption
#If not present here, the password will be requested on startup
storagePassword: password

#Overrides the default HTTP User-Agent field ("Go 1.1 package http")
#userAgent: "TextSecure Go command line client 0.1"

#Logging verbosity; valid values are error,warn,info and debug, case insensitive
#loglevel: debug
  • copy into the volume using a little “workaround”:
docker create -v signal-web-gateway_config:/signal/.config --name helper alpine:latest
docker cp config.yml helper:/signal/.config/
docker rm helper


docker run --rm -it -v signal-web-gateway_config:/signal/.config -v signal-web-gateway_storage:/signal/.storage register
Enter verification code>
# confirm code
# ctrl+c
# ctrl+d


Docker Compose

docker-compose -p signal-web-gateway up -d


docker run -d --name signal-web-gateway --restart always -v signal-web-gateway_config:/signal/.config -v signal-web-gateway_storage:/signal/.storage -p